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My experience with the goldsmith - jeweller's profession began in 1985 in Poland. As a 15-year-old boy I was admitted to my uncle's goldsmiths & jewellery studio to learn the craft. During the three years I was taught the art of metallurgy, precious stones and jewellery design from scratch which resulted in practical skills of designing and building anklets, rings, bracelets, earrings, signet rings, etc. My apprenticeship had to be crowned by the theoretical and practical exam - before the Comission which consisted of three independent jewellery masters. In 1988 I passed the exam successfully and began my independent career, during which I have been enhancing my qualifications by working in various goldsmith companies. In 1997 I decided to start my own jewellery studio with a jewellery store .In 2006 I was invited to New York and worked in Manhattan, where I met many masters of goldsmithing from various countries. Thanks to them, I could develop my practical and theoretical skills.
My profession is both my passion and my hobby. It is a great pleasure when clients receive engagement rings or wedding rings ordered for their loved ones. I'm happy to contribute to their happiness. That is the reason I would like to encourage you to take advantage of my services and buy my jewellery. You can contact me via my website where you can send the pictures of jewellery that you wish to be made.
We process platinum, gold, silver. We combine different colors of gold as well as metals, frame the natural organic and synthetic stones. We make amulets and charms for each person individually. You can instruct us to custom design your own jewellery or indicate which one to copy. We also provide services like stone setting and renovation of jewellery.
Our engagement rings and wedding rings always meet all requirements and tastes of our customers.

We're characterized by high conscientiousness & craftsmanship.